Friday, August 28, 2009

Just a few more days!

We are moving closer to our departure date. We will be seeing many of these crosses as we travel through Ireland. Notice the traditional cross pattern--the intersection of vertical and horizontal axis. And then pay attention to the interesting circle behind the place of intersection. No one has been able to describe fully the reason for this design. Some say that the circle represents the Sun; others say that the circle represents the feminine spirit. Whatever explanation, to me this cross (that Presbyterians have chosen as their denominational logo) represents the fusion of pre-Christian and Christian traditions.

Rest up this coming week because as soon as we find one another at the Dublin airport, have a strong cup of Irish tea, we will be making our way to Newgrange and to Tara (even with a little jet lag). We will be viewing places of ancient history and religion, two important Celtic landscapes time prior to the coming of Christianity on the island. By the evening of the first day we will arrive in Glendalough, a sixth-century Christian monastic settlement, where we will rest and prepare for the wonderful days ahead of us in Ireland.

Peace to you in these final days of preparation.

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