Thursday, June 13, 2013

Wake Forest University continues to welcome students from China!

Yes, it is an art and science to find students who are good matches for your university.  The goal is to find the student who will be successful, whose life will be transformed, and who can help shape your university as well.   And yes, yes, it is even more difficult if those students live 8000 miles away in China.  But it is possible.  Personal, intimate conversations, willingness to visit in the homes of dear Chinese parents and to sit at table with dinner and tea with eager parents who cannot speak English, ability to meet students for personal interviews in China, expanding the use of technology, such as Skype, for face to face conversations---all of these opportunities make it possible to welcome students who we know will succeed at Wake Forest University and bring honor to their family and to their country.  It is possible--no agents, no intermediaries--just plain, old hard work.  But it is the sturdy, old-fashioned way of southern hospitality--and WFU still does it that way!   And it works!

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