Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Chaucer and the Internet!

We, the weary pilgrims, arrived home late last night with various destinations--Atlanta, Oregon, Paris, and Winston-Salem. And yes, there have been many days without a blog entry. For those who have been waiting so patiently to read about our daily experiences, I apologize for the lack of communication. I was certain that we would be able to connect for daily blogs while away. But we were at the edge --right on the edge--as we spent much of our time after Glendalough in the Aran Islands. And I could not secure internet service there. Chaucer was simply not bothered with this kind of communication barrier!

As we gain reentry, we will make report, not the just-in-time reporting we had planned, but perhaps even improved, with more reflection and meaning as we recount the trip of a lifetime. It was a blessed, blessed journey. And I am so happy to share these reflections with you.

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  1. Welcome Home. I am so happy to read your stories and look forward to more after you have had time to reflect. Nancy Dorrier