Thursday, September 3, 2009

Singing and Praying as We Go!

Ian Bradley, church historian at St. Andrews University, Scotland and author of The Celtic Way, observes that "different Christian communities throughout history have each made their distinctive and enduring contribution to the ongoing life of the Church universal. Medieval Catholicism embedded the principles of canon law and philosophical theology. The churches of the reformation brought a greater concentration on scripture and the experience of faith. Methodism has contributed great hymns of enthusiasm and its social gospel. The legacy of Celtic Christianity is simple and more direct. It has left a store of prayers, poems, and artifacts that testify to the presence and protection of God" (31).

And we will be dipping into that vast depository of prayers and poems, singing as we go. I will not pack the accordion, unfortunately. But who knows, we may find one in Galway! But we will have plenty of words and music as we make our way through Ireland.

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  1. I love the joyous, precious photo of you!!! Love, Nancy Dorrier