Wednesday, September 9, 2009

In Dublin--waiting for you to arrive!

Kathy and I arrived in Dublin yesterday. We have practiced moving around to our city sites, visiting the Irish museum two times, making sure that we know where the antiquities are located--those that are especially important to our pilgrimage travel. Carolyn, we have found the original Stowe Missal on the third floor. Bonnie, the sheela-na-gigs are guarding the entrance to the back of the museum. The ones in the basement are there but we will not be able to see them without an official document from the Department of Irish Antiquities. But we will see them as we travel this week in situ! To the rest of our pilgrim group, the weather is turning lovely here. We are in store for a wonderful time. We will greet you in the Dublin airport early Thursday morning. Bless you all.

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